Wireless Networks Security and Privacy

Semester: 2023 Autumn
Time: 13:25-17:00 (
Location: Yuquan Campus, #12 Teaching Building, Rm507
TA : Shilin Xiao, xshilin@zju.edu.cn


Week Course/Presentation Topic Reading References Presenter
Week 1
19, Sep
Part Ⅰ: Course Introduction
Part Ⅱ: Wireless Network Basics
Online Lecturer
Week 2
26, Sep
Security & Privacy Basics / AI Security Online Lecturer
Week 4
10 ,Oct
Security Issues of the New Wireless Ⅰ Online Lecturer
Week 5
17, Oct
Security Issues of the New Wireless Ⅱ Online Lecturer
Week 6
24, Oct
Paper Presentation Attachment Student
Week 7
31, Oct
Paper Presentation Attachment Student
Week 8
14, Nov
Project Presentation Attachment Student

Group: each group has 2 students. Send your group information to TA according to the following format:

Format: the order you wish to present + group members + paper name, e.g.,
“1 + Alice, Bob + Beauty and the Burst: Remote Identification of Encrypted Video Streams”

Student presentation:
1. 2 students as a group
2. chooses paper from the list I provide or from other relevant conferences/ journals
3. Presentations last for 15 mins + Q&A + Discussion
4. Make slides yourself

Paper source:
1. Big 4: USENIXS Security/ NDSS/ ACM CCS/ IEEE Oakland (S&P)

1. 图像
- https://github.com/LynnHo/AttGAN-Tensorflow (人脸局部变换)
- https://github.com/mahmoudnafifi/HistoGAN (人脸识别)
2. 语音
- https://github.com/chrisdonahue/wavegan (合成声音)
- https://github.com/FAKEBOB-adversarial-attack/FAKEBOB (声纹对抗)
3. 通信协议
-https://github.com/seemoo-lab/privatedrop (攻击AirDrop)
-https://github.com/derv82/wifite2 (WIFI密码破解)
4. 软件安全
-https://github.com/ufrisk/pcileech (非法内存访问)
-https://github.com/screetsec/TheFatRat (恶意软件开发工具)

Candidate papers from me:
Session 1: Machine Learning
1. Bad Characters: Imperceptible NLP Attacks, IEEE S&P 2022
2. DoubleStar: Long-Range Attack Towards Depth Estimation based Obstacle Avoidance in Autonomous Systems, USENIX Security 2022
3. PatchCleanser: Certifiably Robust Defense against Adversarial Patches for Any Image Classifier, USENIX Security 2022
4. AutoDA: Automated Decision-based Iterative Adversarial Attacks, USENIX Security 2022
5. Hidden Trigger Backdoor Attack on NLP Models via Linguistic Style Manipulation, USENIX Security 2022
6. Black-box Adversarial Attacks on Commercial Speech Platforms with Minimal Information, ACM CCS 2021
7. On the Robustness of Domain Constraints, ACM CCS 2021
8. Cert-RNN: Towards Certifying the Robustness of Recurrent Neural Networks, ACM CCS 2021
9. Fooling the Eyes of Autonomous Vehicles: Robust Physical Adversarial Examples Against Traffic Sign Recognition Systems, NDSS 2022

Session 2: Side Channel
10. Noise-SDR: Arbitrary Modulation of Electromagnetic Noise from Unprivileged Software and Its Impact on Emission Security, IEEE S&P 2022
11. Graphics Peeping Unit: Exploiting EM Side-Channel Information of GPUs to Eavesdrop on Your Neighbors, IEEE S&P 2022
12. mmSpy: Spying Phone Calls using mmWave Radars, IEEE S&P 2022
13. Adversarial Prefetch: New Cross-Core Cache Side Channel Attacks, IEEE S&P 2022
14. Hertzbleed: Turning Power Side-Channel Attacks Into Remote Timing Attacks on x86, USENIX Security 2022
15. Can one hear the shape of a neural network?: Snooping the GPU via Magnetic Side Channel, USENIX Security 2022
16. Wireless Charging Power Side-Channel Attacks, ACM CCS 2021

Session 3: Sensor Security
17. Physical-Layer Attacks Against Pulse Width Modulation-Controlled Actuators, USENIX Security 2022
18. Security Analysis of Camera-LiDAR Fusion Against Black-Box Attacks on Autonomous Vehicles, USENIX Security 2022
19. Privacy-from-Birth: Protecting Sensed Data from Malicious Sensors with VERSA, IEEE S&P 2022
20. AccEar: Accelerometer Acoustic Eavesdropping with Unconstrained Vocabulary, IEEE S&P 2022
21. Attacks on Wireless Coexistence: Exploiting Cross-Technology Performance Features for Inter-Chip Privilege Escalation, IEEE S&P 2022
22. Invisible Finger: Practical Electromagnetic Interference Attack on Touchscreen-based Electronic Devices, IEEE S&P 2022
23. GhostTalk: Interactive Attack on Smartphone Voice System Through Power Line, NDSS 2022
24. Too Afraid to Drive: Systematic Discovery of Semantic DoS Vulnerability in Autonomous Driving Planning under Physical-World Attacks, NDSS 2022

Session 4: Software/ Protocol Security
25. BrakTooth: Causing Havoc on Bluetooth Link Manager via Directed Fuzzing, USENIX Security 2022
26. Lumos: Identifying and Localizing Diverse Hidden IoT Devices in an Unfamiliar Environment, USENIX Security 2022
27. LTrack: Stealthy Tracking of Mobile Phones in LTE, USENIX Security 2022
28. Ghost Peak: Practical Distance Reduction Attacks Against HRP UWB Ranging, USENIX Security 2022
29. FIXREVERTER: A Realistic Bug Injection Methodology for Benchmarking Fuzz Testing, USENIX Security 2022
30. Subverting Stateful Firewalls with Protocol States, NDSS 2022
31. SemperFi: Anti-spoofing GPS Receiver for UAVs, NDSS 2022

Presentation and Project Schedule:
Please find your (gourp's) presentation order in the attchment: Presentation Schedule