Wireless Networks Security and Privacy

Time: 13:15-16:40 (
Location: Teaching Building 4#, 304
TA :庄周 3120000380@zju.edu.cn


Group:each group has 2 students. Send your group information to TA (庄周 3120000380@zju.edu.cn) according to the following format:

Format: the order you wish to present + group members + paper name, e.g.,
“1 + Alice, Bob + Beauty and the Burst: Remote Identification of Encrypted Video Streams”

Student presentation:
1. 2 students as a group
2. chooses paper from the list I provide or from others relevant conferences/ journals
3. Presentations lasts for 40 mins + Q&A + Discussion
4. Submit a summary paper for the paper you present
5. Make slides yourself

Paper source:
1. Big 4: USENIXS Security/ NDSS/ ACM CCS/ IEEE Oakland (S&P)
2. Other leading conferences: ACM Mobicom, ACM sigcomm, IEEE Infocom, CHI, Ubicomp, NSDI
3. CCF ranked conferences and journals:
security: http://history.ccf.org.cn/sites/ccf/biaodan.jsp?contentId=2903940690850
networks: http://history.ccf.org.cn/sites/ccf/biaodan.jsp?contentId=2903028135856

Candidate papers from me:
[1] SmartAuth: User-Centered Authorization for the Internet of Things
[2] AWare: Preventing Abuse of Privacy-Sensitive Sensors via Operation Bindings
[3] 6thSense: A Context-aware Sensor-based Attack Detector for Smart Devices
[4] HELP: Helper-Enabled In-Band Device Pairing Resistant Against Signal Cancellation
[5] AuthentiCall: Efficient Identity and Content Authentication for Phone Calls
[6] Picking Up My Tab: Understanding and Mitigating Synchronized Token Lifting and Spending in Mobile Payment
[7] TrustBase: An Architecture to Repair and Strengthen Certificate-based Authentication
[8] CLKSCREW: Exposing the Perils of Security-Oblivious Energy Management
[9] Understanding the Mirai Botnet
[10] MPI: Multiple Perspective Attack Investigation with Semantic Aware Execution Partitioning
[11] Beauty and the Burst: Remote Identification of Encrypted Video Streams
[12] Walkie-Talkie: An Efficient Defense Against Passive Website Fingerprinting Attacks
[13] A Privacy Analysis of Cross-device Tracking
[14] SmartPool: Practical Decentralized Pooled Mining
[15] REM: Resource-Efficient Mining for Blockchains
[16] Constant-Time Callees with Variable-Time Callers
[17] Hey, My Malware Knows Physics! Attacking PLCs with Physical Model Aware Rootkit
[18] ContexloT: Towards Providing Contextual Integrity to Appified IoT Platforms
[20] Membership Inference Attacks against Machine Learning Models
[21] IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a Zigbee Chain Reaction
[22] SoK: Exploiting Network PrintersHow They Did It: An Analysis of Emission Defeat Devices in Modern Automobiles
[23] Multi-touch Authentication Using Hand Geometry and Behavioral Information
[24] Pyramid: Enhancing Selectivity in Big Data Protection with Count Featurization
[25] The Password Reset MitM Attack