Zhou Xinyan


I’m a PhD student in the College of Electronical Engineering, Zhejiang University. I research wireless sensor networks (WSN), embedded systems, and software design, especially intertidal wireless sensor networks. I focus on the design of routing protocol, MAC protocol and energy efficiency in WSN and I also have the experience of deployment in several practical conditions. I’m interest in the reliable data dissemination and collection form both sink and nodes sides to improve the reliability and practicability of system. My future work will emphasis on the delay optimization problem in an extreme dynamic WSN with limited resource and deployment of large-scale network deployment.

  Curriculum Vitae


Routing protocol in Dynamic WSNs: LESS

GPIO configuration tool: ACT


LESS: Link Estimation with Sparse Sampling in Dynamic WSNs (TWC under review)

ACT: An Automated Configuration Tool for Low Power Solution of Wireless Sensor Nodes (TOSN under review)