Spring 2018 Seminars:




March 26 Zhiyun Wang ABC:Enabling Smartphone Authentication with Built-in Camera NDSS 2018
Xuan OuYang Feature Squeezing:Detecting Adversarial Examples in Deep Neural Networks NDSS 2018
Yan Long New Sensor
April 2 Guoming Zhang Inaudible Voice Commands: The Long-range Attack and Defense NSDI 2018
Chen Yan rtCaptcha: A Real-Time CAPTCHA Based Liveness Detection System NDSS 2018
Weizhao Jin New Sensor
April 9 Jvchuan Zhang EyeTell: Video-Assisted Touchscreen Keystroke Inference from Eye Movements S&P 2018
Jiangyi Deng Classifiers and their Metrics Quantified Molecular Informatics[J](2018)
Xingdong Cao New Sensor
April 16 Chaohao Li IoT Seminar Big Four
Taimin Zhang Stealing Hyperparameters in Machine Learning S&P 2018
Ruiwen He New Sensor
April 23 Zhou Zhuang Privacy Risks with Facebook’s PII-based Targeting: Auditing a Data Broker’s Advertising Interface S&P 2018
Zhiyun Wang
Jiangyi Deng New Sensor
April 30 Labor day break    
May 7 Yanmiao Zhang Rise of the HaCRS: Augmenting Autonomous Cyber Reasoning Systems with Human Assistance CCS 2017
Tianchen Zhang VulDeepecker: A Deep Learning-Based System for Vulnerability Dectection NDSS 2018
Chuer Yu New Sensor
May 14 Spring break    
May 21 Xinyan Zhou Device Pairing at the Touch of an Electrode NDSS 2018
Yushi Cheng ABC: Enabling Smartphone Authentication with Built-in Camera NDSS 2018
Jiayu Zhang New Sensor
May 28 Jiayu Zhang FPGA-Based Remote Power Side-Channel Attacks S&P 2018
Ruiwen He IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction S&P 2017
Zhiyun Wang New Sensor
June 4 ASIACCS 2018 break    
June 11 Zhiyun Wang FP-STALKER: Tracking Browser Fingerprint Evolutions Along Time S&P 2018
Xuan Ouyang Automated Website Fingerprinting through Deep Learning NDSS 2018
Zhuo Zhang New Sensor
June 19 Chen Yan When Your Fitness Tracker Betrays You: Quantifying the Predictability of Biometric Features Across Contexts S&P 2018
Guoming Zhang Walls: have ears traffic-based side-channel attack in video streaming INFOCOM2018
Yan Long New Sensor
June 25 Taimin Zhang MAGIK: An Efficient Key Extraction Mechanism Based on Dynamic Geomagnetic Field INFOCOM2018
Yushi Cheng Detecting Wireless Spy Cameras Via Stimulating and Probing Mobisys 2018
Weizhao Jin New Sensor
July 2 Jvchuan Zhang Trojaning Attack on Neural Networks NDSS 2018
Zhou Zhuang All Your GPS Are Belong To Us: Towards Stealthy Manipulation of Road Navigation Systems USENIX 2018
Xingdong Cao New Sensor
July 9 Tianchen Zhang What You Corrupt Is Not What You Crash: Challenges in Fuzzing Embedded Devices NDSS 2018
Yanmiao Zhang CollAFL: Path Sensitive Fuzzing S&P 2018
Bingjing Yan New Sensor
July 16 Xinyan Zhou Face Flashing: a Secure Liveness Detection Protocol based on Light Reflections NDSS 2018
Chaohao Li Do You Feel What I Hear? Enabling Autonomous IoT Device Pairing using Different Sensor Types S&P 2018
Jiayu Zhang New Sensor
July 23 Ruiwen He    
Jiayu Zhang    
Zhiyun Wang New Sensor