Autumn 2021 Seminars:




Aug 21 Jiahui Yang Simulating Unknown Target Models for Query-Efficient Black-box Attacks CVPR2021
Yizhuo Gao Tales of FAVICONS and Caches: Persistent Tracking in Modern Browsers  NDSS2021
Boyang Zhou New Issues: PCIE
Sep 17 Juchuan Zhang Talk: Vulnerabilities and Attacks of Device Unintended Physical Signals
Wenjun Zhu Dirty Road Can Attack: Security of Deep Learning based Automated Lane Centering under Physical-World Attack USENIX 2021
Zhihao Wu New Issues: Under Display Camera
Sep 24 Meng Xue Glowworm Attack: Optical TEMPEST Sound Recovery via a Device’s Power Indicator LED CCS 2021
Jiachang Wen New Issues
Shibo Zhang New Issues: 多目标跟踪和攻击多目标跟踪
Sep 30 Ruochen Zhou
Qinhong Jiang
Runmin Ou New Issues
Oct 08 Kaibo Wang
Yuepeng Zhang Invisible Probe: Timing Attacks with PCIe Congestion Side-channel S&P 2021
Zhiyi Zhou New Issues
Oct 15 Xinfeng Li Adversarial Watermarking Transformer: Towards Tracing Text Provenance with Data Hiding S&P 2021
Yuehan Chi
Zhouhao Ji New Issues
Oct 22 Jiangyi Deng
Ruiwen He
Junning Zhai New Issues
Oct 29 Bo Yang
Yan Jiang
Huaiyu Liu New Issues
Nov 05 Xiaotian Zhu
Kai Wang
Zihao Dan New Issues
Nov 12 Zizhi Jin
Haoxiang Zhang
Fei Teng New Issues
Nov 17 Zhuoyang Shi
Shan Zou
Haijun Gui New Issues

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