Spring 2023 Seminars:




Feb 17 Han Chen MagEar: Eavesdropping via Audio Recovery using Magnetic Side Channel MobiSys'22
Yanchen Jiang BROKENWIRE: Wireless Disruption of CCS Electric Vehicle Charging NDSS 2023
Xuancun Lu DensePose From WiFi Talk
Feb 24 Boyang Zhou Clean-Image Backdoor: Attacking Multi-Label Models with Poisoned Label Only ICLR 2023
Zihao Dan PatchVerif: Discovering Faulty Patches in Robotic Vehicles USENIX 2023
Shiang Guo Shedding Light on Inconsistencies in Grid Cybersecurity Disconnects and Recommendations S&P 2023
Ruiwen He Talk: Separate Information in Speeches by Disentanglement
March 3 Jiangyi Deng Private, Efficient, and Accurate: Protecting Models Trained by Multi-party Learning with Differential Privacy S&P 2023
Qidi Zhong Un-Rocking Drones: Foundations of Acoustic Injection Attacks and Recovery Thereof NDSS 2023
Jinghui Wu SMACK: Semantically Meaningful Adversarial Audio Attack USENIX 2023
March 10 Yan Jiang Eavesdropping Mobile App Activity via Radio-Frequency Energy Harvesting USENIX 2023
Shengyuan Pang Pre-trained Adversarial Peturbations NIPS 2022
Qianhao Miao Multi-modal Pretraining Model: The Big Convergence? New Issues
March 17 Ruochen Zhou Towards a General Video-based Keystroke Inference Attack USENIX 2023
Runmin Ou DISTDET: A Cost-Effective Distributed Cyber Threat Detection System USENIX 2023
Junning Zhai Attacks as Defenses: Designing Robust Audio CAPTCHAs Using Attacks on Automatic Speech Recognition Systems NDSS 2023
Mar 24 Wenjun Zhu Privacy-preserving Lens, Carlos Hinojosa (Ph.D.) Talk
Jialin Wu RAB: Provable Robustness Against Backdoor Attacks S&P 2023
Yuan Sun AuthentiSense: A Scalable Behavioral Biometrics Authentication Scheme using Few-Shot Learning for Mobile Platforms NDSS 2023
Mar 31 Xinfeng Li InfoMasker: Preventing Eavesdropping Using Phoneme-Based Noise NDSS 2023
Zitong Chen
Yinan Zhong
April 7 Zizhi Jin
Yanze Ren
Lingshuo Meng AIGC can Memorize New Issues
April 14 Kai Wang MetaWave: Attacking mmWave Sensing with Meta-material-enhanced Tags NDSS 2023
Bo Yang
Huaiyu Liu
April 21 Fengchen Yang
Zhixin Xie
Jiani Liu You Can't See Me: Physical Removal Attacks on LiDAR-based Autonomous Vehicles Driving Frameworks USENIX 2023
April 28 Shilin Xiao
Hanlei Zhang
Kun Wang
May 5 Zhouhao Ji
Zhicong Zheng
Namin Hou
May 12 Qinhong Jiang Paralyzing Drones via EMI Signal Injection on Sensory Communication Channels NDSS 2023
Zhihao Wu
Shibo Zhang
May 19 Han Chen
Yancheng Jiang
Xuancun Lu
May 26 Boyang Zhou
Zihao Dan
Shiang Guo

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