Autumn 2018 Seminars:




September 29 Zhiyun Wang Yet Another Text Captcha Solver: A Generative Adversarial Network Based Approach CCS 2018
JiaYu Zhang Acquisitional Rule-based Engine for Discovering Internet-of-Thing Devices USENIX 2018
Ruiwen He BlackIoT: IoT Botnet of High Wattage Devices Can Disrupt the Power Grid USENIX 2018
October 11 Guoming Zhang PrinTracker: Fingerprinting 3D Printers using Commodity Scanners CCS 2018
Chen Yan Fear the Reaper: Characterization and Fast Detection of Card Skimmers USENIX 2018
Bingjing Yan New issues
October 15 Yushi Cheng Fear the Reaper: Characterization and Fast Detection of Card Skimmers USENIX 2018
Taiming Zhang Polisis: Automated Analysis and Presentation of Privacy Policies Using Deep Learning USENIX 2018
Kai Wang New issues
October 22 Juchuan Zhang Detecting Attacks Against Robotic Vehicles: A Control Invariant Approach CCS 2018
Zhou Zhuang
Ruochen Zhou New issues
October 29 Yanmiao Zhang Meltdown: Reading Kernel Memory from User Space USENIX 2018
Tianchen Zhang QSYM : A Practical Concolic Execution Engine Tailored for Hybrid Fuzzing USENIX 2018
Xinfeng Li New issues
November 19 Ruochen Zhou If This Then What? Controlling Flows in IoT Apps CCS 2018
Yanjie Li DOPING: Generative Data Augmentation for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with GAN IEEE 2018
Jiangyi Deng Clock Around the Clock: Time-Based Device Fingerprinting CCS 2018
Tao Zhao DScreaming Channels: When Electromagnetic Side Channels Meet Radio Transceivers CCS 2018
Zhiyun Wang New issues
November 29 Chaohao Li SoK: Security Evaluation of Home-Based IoT Deployments S&P 2019
Bingjing Yan Fp-Scanner: The Privacy Implications of Browser Fingerprint Inconsistencies USENIX 2018
Ruiwen He New issues
December 6 Ruiwen He Ohm's Law in Data Centers: A Voltage Side Channel for Timing Power Attacks CCS 2018
Jiayu Zhang HoMonit: Monitoring Smart Home Apps from Encrypted Traffic CCS 2018
Yanjie Li New issues
December 13 Zhiyun Wang PatternListener: Cracking Android Pattern Lock Using Acoustic Signals CCS 2018
Xuan Ouyang
Tao Zhao New issues
December 20 Chen Yan Rebooting Ultrasonic Positioning Systems for Ultrasound-incapable Smart Devices MobiCom2019
Guoming Zhang No Training Hurdles: Fast Training-Agnostic Atacks to Infer Your Typing CCS 2018
Bingjing Yan New issues
December 27 Yushi Cheng DeepMasterPrints: Generating Master Prints for Dictionary Attacks via Latent Variable Evolution CCS 2018
Taiming Zhang
Kai Wang RainbowLight: Towards Low Cost Ambient Light Positioning with Mobile Phones MobiCom 2018
January 3 Juchuan Zhang ChromaCode: A Fully Imperceptible Screen-Camera Communication System CCS 2018
Zhou Zhuang
Xinfeng Li Resolving Policy Conflicts in Multi-Carrier Cellular Access MobiCom 2018
January 10 Yanmiao Zhang FUZE:Towards Facilitating Exploit Generation for Kernel Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities USENIX 2018
Tianchen Zhang Inception: System-Wide Security Testing of Real-World Embedded Systems Software USENIX 2018
Ruochen Zhou New issues
January 17 Jiangyi Deng Turning Your Weakness Into a Strength: Watermarking Deep Neural Networks by Backdooring USENIX 2018
Yanjie Li Feature Squeezing: Detecting Adversarial Examples in Deep Neural Networks NDSS 2017
Zhiyun Wang New issues