Spring 2023 Seminars:




2024/02/23 Xuancun Lu VoxPoser: Composable 3D Value Maps for Robotic Manipulation with Language Models CoRL 2023
Han Chen Password-Stealing without Hacking: Wi-Fi Enabled Practical Keystroke Eavesdropping CCS 2023
Binqian Zhou Recovering Fingerprints from In-Display Fingerprint Sensors via Electromagnetic Side Channel CCS 2023
2024/03/01 Jiani Liu You Only Prompt Once: On the Capabilities of Prompt Learning on Large Language Models to Tackle Toxic Content S&P 2024
Yancheng Jiang When the User Is Inside the User Interface: An Empirical Study of UI Security Properties in Augmented Reality USENIX 2024
Yinan Zhong Iron: Private Inference on Transformers
2024/03/08 Zhouhao Ji Targeted Attack Synthesis for Smart Grid Vulnerability Analysis CCS 2023
Zizhi Jin Foundation Model for Autonomous Driving
Shiang Guo
2024/03/15 Qidi Zhong Range Specification Bug Detection in Flight Control System Through Fuzzing IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
Lingshuo Meng LMSanitator: Defending Prompt-Tuning Against Task-Agnostic Backdoors
Yu Wang Improving the Robustness of Transformer-based Large Language Models with Dynamic Attention NDSS 2024
2024/03/22 Yan Jiang Eavesdropping on Controller Acoustic Emanation for Keystroke Inference Attack in Virtual Reality NDSS 2024
Qianhao Miao SneakyPrompt: Jailbreaking Text-to-image Generative Models S&P 2024
Shibo Wang Sora: video generation models as world simulators
2024/03/29 Runmin Ou Are Emergent Abilities of Large Language Models a Mirage? NeurIPS 2024 (Best Paper)
Taile Wang
Xiaofu Chen MEA-Defender: A Robust Watermark against Model Extraction Attack S&P 2024
2024/04/05 /
2024/04/12 /
2024/04/19 /
2024/04/26 Fengcheng Yang Talk: Discuss of Covert Actuator /
Yuan Sun You Can Use But Cannot Recognize: Preserving Visual Privacy in Deep Neural Networks NDSS 2024
Yifan Zheng Devil in the Room: Triggering Audio Backdoors in the Physical World USENIX 2024
2024/05/03 /
2024/05/10 Shilin Xiao A Systematic Study of Physical Sensor Attack Hardness S&P 2024
Zitong Chen Eavesdropping on Black-box Mobile Devices via Audio Amplifier’s EMR NDSS 2024
Wenze Cui New Issues: Optical Sidechannel CCS 2023
2024/05/17 Yanze Ren Brain-Hack: Remotely Injecting False Brain-Waves with RF to Take Control of a Brain-Computer Interface CPSIoTSec '23
Kun Wang EYE-SHIELD: Real-Time Protection of Mobile Device Screen Information from Shoulder Surfing usenix 2023
Wenjun Zhu Near-sensor and in-sensor computing Nature Electronics 2020
2024/05/24 /
2024/05/31 /
2024/06/07 /
2024/06/14 Rui Wang Microarchitectural Side-Channel Attacks on the MCU Bus Interconnect S&P 2024
Zhicong Zheng
Zhengxian Huang New Issues: Embodied AI and its security
Weilin Ye
Aoran Cui Diagnosis-guided Attack Recovery for Securing Robotic Vehiclesfrom Sensor Deception Attacks AsiaCCS 2024
Hanlei Zhang Backdooring Multimodal Learning S&P 2024
Xintong Wang
Xinyu Li New Issues:VoltSchemer: Use Voltage Noise to Manipulate Your Wireless Charger usenix 2024
Namin Hou Watch This Space: Securing Satellite Communication through Resilient Transmitter Fingerprinting CCS 2023
Jinghui Wu
Yifan Ning New Issues
Shiqi Zhang New Issues: PrintListener: Uncovering the Vulnerability of Fingerprint Authentication via the Finger Friction Sound NDSS 2024
2024/06/21 Yijie Bai
Han Chen
Haozhe Weng New Issues

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