Summer 2020 Seminars:




May 15 Yijie Bai Neural Cleanse: Identifying and Mitigating Backdoor Attacks in Neural Networks S&P 2019
Yan Jiang A View from the Cockpit: Exploring Pilot Reactions to Attacks on Avionic Systems NDSS 2020
Zhuoyang Shi FLUID: Flexible User Interface Distribution for Ubiquitous Multi-device Interaction Mobicom 2019
May 22 Zizhi Jin Liveness is Not Enough: Enhancing Fingerprint Authentication with Behavioral Biometrics to Defeat Puppet Attacks Usenix 2020
Binjing Yan Understanding, Detecting and Localizing Partial Failures in Large System Software NSDI 2020
Ruochen Zhou MilliBack: Real-Time Plug-n-Play Millimeter Level Tracking Using Wireless Backscattering Ubicomp 2019
Yuehan Chi New Issues about Sensors
May 29 Kai Wang Users Really Do Answer Telephone Scams USENIX 2019
Chen Yan Detecting and Characterizing Lateral Phishing at Scale
Jiahui Yang 50 Ways to Leak Your Data: An Exploration of Apps' Circumvention of the Android Permissions System USENIX 2019
Yuepeng Zhang New Issues about Sensors
June 5 Tao Zhao PenSight: Enhanced Interaction with a Pen-Top Camera CHI 2020
Juchuan Zhang Cracking the Wall of Confinement: Understanding and Analyzing Malicious Domain Take-downs NDSS 2019
Jiangyi Deng Privacy Attacks to the 4G and 5G Cellular Paging Protocols Using Side Channel Information NDSS 2019
Qinhong Jiang New Issues about Sensors
June 12 Yanjie Li Modeling Users' Behavior Sequences with Hierarchical Explainable Network for Cross-domain Fraud Detection WWW 2020
Yushi Cheng AmphiLight: Direct Air-Water Communication with Laser Light NSDI 2020
Ruiwen He AIM: Acoustic Imaging on a Mobile Mobisys 2018
Kaibo Wang New Issues about Sensors
June 19 Xinfeng Li Learning in situ: a randomized experiment in video streaming NSDI 2020
Chaohao Li Authoring and Verifying Human-Robot Interactions UIST 2018
Yuepeng Zhang
Zizhi Jin New Issues about Sensors
June 28 Yan Jiang ShoesHacker: Indoor Corridor Map and User Location Leakage through Force Sensors in Smart Shoes
July 3 Zhiyun Wang Privacy Leakage via De-Anonymization TDSC 2020
Fei Teng data Recovery from “Scrubbed” NAND Flash Storage Need for Analog Sanitization USENIX 2020
Yijie Bai New Issues about Sensors
July 10 Binjing Yan Keepers of the Machines: Examining How System Administrators Manage Software Updates For Multiple Machines soups 2019
Fei Teng New Issues about Sensors
July 17 Ruochen Zhou SonicPrint: A Generally Adoptable and Secure Fingerprint Biometrics in Smart Devices mobisys 2020
Yuehan Chi You Are What You Do: Hunting Stealthy Malware via Data Provenance Analysis NDSS 2020
July 24 Kai Wang MagHacker: Eavesdropping on Stylus Pen Writing via Magnetic Sensing from Commodity Mobile Devices MobiSys'20
Zhuoyang Shi DeepType: On-Device Deep Learning for Input Personalization Service with Minimal Privacy Concern Ubicomp2019
Jiahui Yang New Issues about Sensors
July 31 Yanjie Li Preparing Network Intrusion Detection Deep Learning Models with Minimal Data Using Adversarial Domain Adaptation AsiaCCS2020
Jiangyi Deng WinoGrande: An Adversarial Winograd Schema Challenge at Scale AAAI-20
Zizhi Jin New Issues about Sensors
August 07 Juchuan Zhang 50 Ways to Leak Your Data: An Exploration of Apps’ Circumvention of the Android Permissions System USENIX Security 2019
Yushi Cheng
Yan Jiang New Issues about Sensors
August 14 Ruiwen He
Xinfeng Li Learning Efficient Representations for Fake Speech Detection AAAI 2020
Zhuoyang Shi New Issues about Sensors