Spring 2023 Seminars:




2023/09/15 Zhouhao Ji Talk: MaDIoT Attack
Zhicong Zheng Fuzzing Hardware Like Software USENIX 2022
Namin Hou MagBackdoor: Beware of Your Loudspeaker as A Backdoor For Magnetic Injection Attacks S&P 2023
2023/09/22 Qinhong Jiang (1) Are Consumers Willing to Pay for Security and Privacy of IoT Devices? (2) Internet Service Providers’ and Individuals’ Attitudes, Barriers, and Incentives to Secure IoT USENIX 2023
Zhihao Wu Understanding the (In)Security of Cross-side Face Verification Systems in Mobile Apps: A System Perspective S&P 2023
Han Chen Access Your Tesla without Your Awareness NDSS 2023
2023/10/08 Yancheng Jiang Hidden Reality: Caution, Your Hand Gesture Inputs in the Immersive Virtual World are Visible to All! USENIX 2023
Xuancun Lu That Person Moves Like A Car: Misclassification Attack Detection for Autonomous Systems Using Spatiotemporal Consistency USENIX 2023
2023/10/13 Boyang Zhou Rethinking White-Box Watermarks on Deep Learning Models under Neural Structural Obfuscation USENIX 2023
Shiang Guo Characterizing Everyday Misuse of Smart Home Devices S&P 2023
2023/10/20 Ruiwen He On The Empirical Effectiveness of Unrealistic Adversarial Hardening Against Realistic Adversarial Attacks S&P 2023
Qidi Zhong Intelligent Physical Attack Against Mobile Robots With Obstacle-Avoidance IEEE Trans on Robotics
Weilin Ye Glaze: Protecting Artists from Style Mimicry by Text-to-Image Models USENIX 2023
2023/10/27 Yan Jiang SoundLock: A Novel User Authentication Scheme for VR Devices Using Auditory-Pupillary Response NDSS 2023
Shengyuan Pang A Plot is Worth a Thousand Words: Model Information Stealing Attacks via Scientific Plots USENIX 2023
Qianhao Miao Examining Zero-Shot Vulnerability Repair with Large Language Models S&P 2023
2023/11/03 Zihao Dan Evasion Attacks and Defenses on Smart Home Physical Event Verification NDSS 2023
Runmin Ou Meta-Speaker: Acoustic Source Projection by Exploiting Air Nonlinearity MobiCom'23
Junning Zhai Detecting Unknown Encrypted Malicious Traffic in Real Time via Flow Interaction Graph Analysis NDSS 2023
2023/11/10 Fengchen Yang HOMESPY: The Invisible Sniffer of Infrared Remote Control of Smart TVs USENIX 2023
Taile Wang MetaWave: Attacking mmWave Sensing with Meta-material-enhanced Tags NDSS 2023
Yuan Sun SoK: Anti-Facial Recognition Technology S&P 2023
Shilin Xiao Rehersal: MicPro: Microphone-based Voice Privacy Protection CCS 2023
2023/12/01 Jiangyi Deng Everybody’s Got ML, Tell Me What Else You Have: Practitioners’ Perception of ML-Based Security Tools and Explanations S&P 2023
Zitong Chen Do Not Give A Dog Bread Every Time He Wags His Tail: Stealing Passwords through Content Queries (CONQUER) Attack NDSS 2023
2023/12/08 Zizhi Jin End-to-end Autonomous Driving: Challenges and Frontiers TPAMI 2023
Yanze Ren Low-effort VR Headset User Authentication Using Head-reverberated Sounds with Replay Resistance USENIX 2023
Lingshuo Meng Rehersal:Devil in Disguise CCS 2023
Wenjun Zhu SoK: Rethinking Sensor Spoofing Attacks against Robotic Vehicles from a Systematic View EuroS&P 2023
2023/12/15 Xintong Wang
Zhixin Xie
Jiani Liu Prompts: Unleashing the Magic of Large Language Models New Issues
Shibo Zhang RoVISQ: Reduction of Video Service Quality via Adversarial Attacks on Deep Learning-based Video Compression NDSS 2023
2023/12/22 Kai Wang LeakyOhm: Secret Bits Extraction using Impedance Analysis CCS 2023
Xinfeng Li SoK: Cryptographic Neural-Network Computation S&P 2023
Aoran Cui Get Your Cyber-Physical Tests Done! Data-Driven Vulnerability Assessment of Robotic Aerial Vehicles DSN 2023
2023/12/29 Hanlei Zhang
Kun Wang Fuzztruction: Using Fault Injection-based Fuzzing to Leverage Implicit Domain Knowledge USENIX 2023
Binqian Zhou
2024/01/05 Zhouhao Ji Targeted Attack Synthesis for Smart Grid Vulnerability Analysis CCS 2023
Zhicong Zheng
Namin Hou Watch This Space: Securing Satellite Communication through Resilient Transmitter Fingerprinting CCS 2023
2024/01/12 Qinhong Jiang Screen Perturbation: Adversarial Attack and Defense on Under-Screen Camera Mobicom 2023
Zhihao Wu
Shibo Zhang
2024/01/19 Han Chen
Yancheng Jiang FaceReader: Unobtrusively Mining Vital Signs and Vital Sign Embedded Sensitive Info via AR/VR Motion Sensors CCS 2023
Xuancun Lu
Yinan Zhong Iron: Private Inference on Transformers NIPS 2023
Bo Yang
Huaiyu Liu

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