Autumn 2019 Seminars:




Sep 20 Yuehan Chi BadBluetooth: Breaking Android Security Mechanisms via Malicious Bluetooth Peripherals NDSS 2019
Yuepeng Zhang Liquid Testing with Your Smartphone Mobisys 2019
Sep 27 Kai Wang Diagnosing Vehicles with Automotive Batteries MobiCom 2019
Chen Yan Losing the Car Keys: Wireless PHY-Layer Insecurity in EV Charging USENIX 2019
Lixu Wang New Issues
Oct 18 Chaohao Li PDVocal: Towards Privacy-preserving Parkinson's Disease Detection using Non-speech Body Sounds MobiCom 2019
Yanjie Li Seeing is Not Believing: Camouflage Attacks on Image Scaling Algorithms. USENIX Security 2019
Kaibo Wang New Issues
Nov 1 Zhiyun Wang CSI NN: Reverse Engineering of Neural Network Architectures Through Electromagnetic Side Channel
Ruochen Zhou UWB-ED: Distance Enlargement Attack Detection in Ultra-Wideband USENIX 2019
Fei Teng New Issues
Nov 8 Fei Teng
Kaibo Wang
Jiahui Yang New Issues
Nov 15 Yushi Cheng ProxiTalk: Activate Speech Input by Bringing Smartphone to the Mouth Ubicomp 2019
Bingjing Yan Rendered Private: Making GLSL Execution Uniform to Prevent WebGL-based Browser Fingerprinting USENIX 2019
Yuepeng Zhang New Issues
Nov 22 Tao Zhao VoltKey: Continuous Secret Key Generation Based on Power Line
Jiangyi Deng When the Signal is in the Noise: Exploiting Diffix’s Sticky Noise Usenix 2019
Kaibo Wang New Issues
Nov 29 Ruiwen He Detecting Attacks Against Robotic Vehicles: A control Invariant Approach CCS 2018
Jiayu Zhang Convert mmWave Communication: Joint Design of Beam Alignment and Data Transmission To be published
Fei Teng New Issues
Dec 6 Yuehan Chi Taprint: Secure Text Input for Commodity Smart Wristbands MobiCom 2019
Xinfeng Li FastSpeech: Fast, Robust and Controllable Text to Speech NIPS 2019
Qinhong Jiang New Issues
Dec 13 Kai Wang Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution Oakland 2019
Ruochen Zhou CANvas:Fast and Inexpensive Automotive Network Mapping USENIX 2019
Lixu Wang New Issues
Dec 20 Bingjing Yan Robust Website Fingerprinting Through the Cache Occupancy Channel USENIX 2019
Jiahui Yang
Qi Pang New Issues
Dec 27 Chen Yan A tentative roadmap of voice security USENIX 2019
Jiangyi Deng Leaky Images: Targeted Privacy Attacks in the Web Usenix 2019
Qinhong Jiang New Issues
Jan 3 Tao Zhao
Chen Shen New Issues
Yushi Cheng RNN-based Room Scale Hand Motion Tracking MobiCom 2019
Jan 10 Juchuan Zhang RVFuzzer: Finding Input Validation Bugs in Robotic Vehicles through Control-Guided Testing USENIX 2019
Ruiwen He
Xinfeng Li New Issues