Autumn 2022 Seminars:




July 1 Boyang Zhou Back to the Drawing Board: A Critical Evaluation of Poisoning Attacks on Production Federated Learning S&P 2022
Yijie Bai On adaptive attacks to adversarial example defense Talk
Lingshuo Meng FL Backdoor Defenses FLAME & DeepSight USENIX + NDSS 2022
July 8 Jiahui Yang Seeing is Living? Rethinking the Security of Facial Liveness Verification in the Deepfake Era USENIX 2022
Zhihao Wu Delay Wreaks Havoc on Your Smart Home: Delay-based Automation Interference Attacks S&P 2022
Shengyuan Pang LINKTELLER: Recovering Private Edges from Graph Neural Networks via Influence Analysis S&P 2022
July 15 Runmin Ou SketchLib: Enabling Efficient Sketch-based Monitoring on Programmable Switches NDSS 2022
Zhiyun Wang Cyber-attack Detection for Photovoltaic Farms based on Power-Electronics-Enabled Harmonic State Space Modeling IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Ruochen Zhou Evaluating Physical-Layer BLE Location Tracking Attacks on Mobile Devices S&P 2022
July 22 Qinhong Jiang Hertzbleed: Turning Power Side-Channel Attacks Into Remote Timing Attacks on x86 USENIX 2022
Namin Hou CamShield: Securing Smart Cameras through Physical Replication and Isolation USENIX 2022
Jiachang Weng New Issues: 平衡车
July 29 Yan Jiang LTRACK: Stealthy Tracking of Mobile Phones in LTE USENIX 2022
Ruiwen He PCR-Auth Solving Authentication Puzzle Challenge with Encoded Palm Contact Response S&P 2022
Shilin Xiao CrossTalk: Speculative Data Leaks Across Cores Are Real S&P 2021
Aug 5 Xinfeng Li Study of Pre-Processing Defenses Against Adversarial Attacks on State-of-the-Art Speaker Recognition Systems TIFS 2021
Zhouhao Ji The effect ofrenewable energy incorporation on power grid stability and resilience Science Advance
Kaibo Wang New Issues: Certified robustness of adversarial attacks
Sep 16 Lingshuo Meng PatchCleanser: Certifiably Robust Defense against Adversarial Patches for Any Image Classifier USENIX 2022
Huaiyu Liu Swarm of micro flying robots in the wild Science Robotics
Bo Yang Security Analysis of Camera-LiDAR Fusion Against Black-Box Attacks on Autonomous Vehicles USENIX 2022
Sep 23 Zhicong Zheng AccEar: Accelerometer Acoustic Eavesdropping with Unconstrained Vocabulary S&P 2022
Fei Teng Privacy for Free: How does Dataset Condensation Help Privacy? ICML 2022
Zizhi Jin Seeing is Not Always Believing”: Detecting Perception Error Attacks Against Autonomous Vehicles IEEE TDSC
Sep 30 Kai Wang MeshUp: Stateless Cache Side-channel Attack on CPU Mesh S&P 2022
Wenjun Zhu Fawkes: Protecting privacy against unauthorized deep learning models USENIX Security 2020/td>
Junning Zhai Detecting Audio Adversarial Examples with Logit Noising ACSAC 2021
Oct 7 Zhixin Xie Attacks on Wireless Coexistence: Exploiting Cross-Technology Performance Features for Inter-Chip Privilege Escalation S&P 2022
Haoxiang Zhang Dissecting Click Fraud Autonomy in the Wild CCS 2021
Shan Zou Introduction of Docker
Oct 14 Shibo Zhang Lowkey: Leveraging adversarial attacks to protect social media users from facial recognition ICLR 2021
Boyang Zhou Poison Forensics: Traceback of Data Poisoning Attacks in Neural Networks USENIX 2022
Yanze Ren CCD & CMOS
Oct 21 Shiang Guo MaDIoT 2.0: Modern High-Wattage IoT Botnet Attacks and Defenses USENIX 2022
Zihao Dan Authoring and Verifying Human-Robot Interactions 2018 UIST
Han Chen HeatDeCam:Detecting Hidden Spy Cameras via Thermal Emissions CCS 2022
Oct 28 Fengchen Yang Physical-Layer Attacks Against Pulse Width Modulation-Controlled Actuators USENIX 2022
Yizhuo Gao Towards More Robust Keyword Spotting for Voice Assistants USENIX 2022
Qidi Zhong PGPATCH: Policy-Guided Logic Bug Patching for Robotic Vehicles S&P 2022
Nov 4 Haijun Gui New Issues: Industrial Control System——Profibus
Runmin Ou Aggregate-based congestion control for pulse-wave DDoS defense SIGCOMM 2022
Jiangyi Deng Sphinx: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Online Learning over the Cloud S&P 2022
Nov 11 Jiahui Yang
Zhuoyang Shi Understanding and Improving Usability of Data Dashboards for Simplified Privacy Control of Voice Assistant Data USENIX 2022
Yancheng Jiang New Issues: Sensing of Motor Position with Resolver
Nov 18 Ruochen Zhou TickTock: Detecting Microphone Status in Laptops Leveraging Electromagnetic Leakage of Clock Signals CCS 2022
Zhihao Wu Time-Print: Authenticating USB Flash Drives with Novel Timing Fingerprints S&P 2022
Yinan Zhong New Issues: Diffusion: The answer to the next generation of image generative model
Nov 25 Qinhong Jiang Blue's Clues: Practical Discovery of Non-Discoverable Bluetooth Devices S&P 2023
Shengyuan Pang Amnesiac Machine Learning AAAA 21
Qianhao Miao New Issues: Chain of Thought Prompting Elicits Reasoning in Large Language Models
Dec 2 Yan Jiang Inducing Wireless Chargers to Voice Out for Inaudible Command Attacks S&P 2023
Yuan Sun
Zitong Chen A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Spreading Deadly Pathogens Under the Disguise of Popular Music CCS 2022
Dec 9 Ruiwen He Topic: Separate Information in Speeches by Disentanglement
Namin Hou DoubleStar: Long-Range Attack Towards Depth Estimation based Obstacle Avoidance in Autonomous Systems USENIX 2022
Kun Wang AI Chips
Dec 16 Shilin Xiao Overo: Sharing Private Audio Recordings CCS 2022
Kaibo Wang Beyond neural scaling laws: beating power law scaling via data pruning NIPS 2022
Hanlei Zhang
Dec 23 Xinfeng Li SpecPatch: Human-In-The-Loop Adversarial Audio Spectrogram Patch Attack on Speech recognition CCS 2022
Huaiyu Liu Data Integrity Attack in Dynamic State Estimation of Smart Grid: Attack Model and Countermeasures IEEE trans
Jiani Liu New Issues: Popular Metrics in CV Applications
Dec 30 Zhouhao Ji MaMIoT: Manipulation of Energy Market Leveraging High Wattage IoT Botnets CCS 2021
Fei Teng
Jinghui Wu
Jan 6 Zizhi Jin HOMESPY: The Invisible Sniffer of Infrared Remote Control of Smart TVs USENIX 2023
Zhicong Zheng
Jialin Wu RamBoAttack: A Robust Query Efficient Deep Neural Network Decision Exploit NDSS 22
Jan 12 Jiangyi Deng DPIS: An Enhanced Mechanism for Differentially Private SGD with Importance Sampling
Lingshuo Meng Identifying a Training-Set Attack's Target Using Renormalized Influence Estimation CCS 2022
Xuancun Lu

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