Autumn 2020 Seminars:




Sept 11 Yanjie Li Preparing Network Intrusion Detection Deep Learning Models with Minimal Data Using Adversarial Domain Adaptation AsiaCCS2020
Jiangyi Deng WinoGrande: An Adversarial Winograd Schema Challenge at Scale AAAI-20
Zizhi Jin New Issues about Sensors
Sept 18 Juchuan Zhang 50 Ways to Leak Your Data: An Exploration of Apps’ Circumvention of the Android Permissions System USENIX Security 2019
Yushi Cheng WAKE: A Behind-the-ear Wearable System for Microsleep Detection
Yan Jiang New Issues about Sensors
Oct 09 Ruiwen He VocalLock: Sensing Vocal Tract for Passphrase-Independent User Authentication Leveraging Acoustic Signals on Smartphones Ubicomp 2020
Xinfeng Li Learning Efficient Representations for Fake Speech Detection AAAI 2020
Zhuoyang Shi New Issues about Sensors
Oct 16 Qinhong Jiang Deaf-Aid: Mobile IoT Communication Exploiting Stealthy Speaker-to-Gyroscope Channel Mobicom 2020
Haijun Gui Blind and Human: Exploring More Usable Audio CAPTCHA Designs Soups 2020
Shan Zou Your Smart Home Can't Keep a Secret: Towards Automated Fingerprinting of IoT Traffic with Neural Networks AsiaCSS2020
Oct 30 Ruochen Zhou Sniffing visible light communication through walls Mobicom 2020
Fei Teng SpiroSonic Monitoring Human Lung Function via Acoustic Sensing on Commodity Smartphones Mobicom 2020
Yizhuo Gao New Issues
Nov 06 Ruochen Zhou Sniffing visible light communication through walls Mobicom 2020
Yuehan Chi
Chen Yan AdvPulse: Universal, Synchronization-free, and Targeted Audio Adversarial Attacks via Subsecond Perturbations CCS 2020
Jiachang Wen New Issues
Nov 13 Juchuan Zhang Spoofing: A Non-Invasive DoS Attack on Grid-Tied Solar Inverter USENIX Security 2020
Haoxiang Zhang BlueDoor: Breaking the Secure Information Flow via BLE Vulnerability MobiSys2020
Jiahui Yang New Issues
Nov 20 Zhihao Wu Composite Backdoor Attack for Deep Neural Network by Mixing Existing Benign Features CCS2020
Kaibo Wang New Issues
Nov 27 Yijie Bai On Adaptive Attacks to Adversarial Example Defenses NIPS
Xinfeng Li Dangerous Skills Got Certified: Measuring the Trustworthiness of Skill Certification in Voice Personal Assistant Platforms CCS 2020
Shibo Zhang New Issues
Dec 11 Yan Jiang EarSense: Earphones as a Teeth Activity Sensor Mobicom 2020
Zhiyun Wang BIAS Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS
Yuepeng Zhang ABBA: Saliency-Regularized Motion-Based Adversarial Blur Attack CVPR2020
Bo Yang New Issues
Dec 18 Jiangyi Deng The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Inverse Reinforcement Learning in Advancing Cancer Research AAAI-20
Yushi Cheng T2Pair: Secure and Usable Pairing for Heterogeneous IoT Devices CCS 2020
Bingjing Yan Detecting Violations of Differential Privacy
Ruiwen He Cyber-Physical Inconsistency Vulnerability Identification for Safety Checks in Robotic Vehicles ccs 2020
Wenjun Zhu New Issues
Dec 25 Zizhi Jin Spying with Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Eavesdropping via Lidar Sensors SenSys2020
ZhuoYang Shi Who is Real Bob? Adversarial Attacks on Speaker Recognition Systems s&p 2021
Kai Wang Method Confusion Attack on Bluetooth Pairing S&P2021
Zhiyi Zhou New Issues
Jan 08 Chaohao Li Can Systems Explain Permissions Better? Understanding Users’ Misperceptions under Smartphone Runtime Permission Model USENIX 2020
Haijun Gui Charger-Surfing: Exploiting a Power Line Side-Channel for Smartphone Information Leakage USENIX 2021
Fei Teng New Issues
Jan 15 Qinhong Jiang TEMPEST Comeback: A Realistic Audio Eavesdropping Threat on Mixed-signal SoCs CCS2020
Shan Zou Adversarial Classifification Under Differential Privacy NDSS2020
Haoxiang Zhang New Issues
Jan 22 Ruochen Zhou HAWatcher: Semantics-Aware Anomaly Detection for Appified Smart Homes USENIX 2021
Yizhuo Gao Devil’s Whisper: A General Approach for Physical Adversarial Attacks againstCommercial Black-box Speech Recognition Devices USENIX2020
Jiachang Wen New Issues
Jan 29 Juchuan Zhang Simba: Scaling Deep-Learning Inference with Multi-Chip-Module-Based Architecture CCS 2019
Kaibo Wang Adversarial Distributional Training for Robust Deep Learning Nips2020
Zhihao Wu
Feb 05 Yuehan Chi
Yijie Bai
Jiahui Yang