Spring 2021 Seminars:




Mar 05 Juchuan Zhang Simba: Scaling Deep-Learning Inference with Multi-Chip-Module-Based Architecture MICRO 2019(Best Paper)
Kaibo Wang Adversarial Distributional Training for Robust Deep Learning Nips2020
Mar 12 Qinhong Jiang TEMPEST Comeback: A Realistic Audio Eavesdropping Threat on Mixed-signal SoCs CCS2020
Yijie Bai Reliable Evaluation of Adversarial Robustness with an Ensemble of Diverse Parameter-free Attacks ICML 2020
Jiahui Yang New Issues: ToF
Zhiyi Zhou New Issues
Mar 19 Yuehan Chi Ijon: Exploring Deep State Spaces via Fuzzing S&P 2020
Yan Jiang Screen Gleaning: A Screen Reading TEMPEST Attack on Mobile Devices Exploiting an Electromagnetic Side Channel ndss2021
Shibo Zhang New Issues
Mar 26 Chaohao Li Mobile Device Baeries as Thermometers ubicomp 2020
Bo Yang ZOO: Zeroth Order Optimization Based Black-box Attacks to Deep Neural Networks without Training Substitute Models CCS 2017
Wenjun Zhu New Issues
April 09 Zhiyun Wang A stealthy location identification attack exploiting carrier aggregation in cellular networks USENIX 2021
Ruiwen He Cyber-Physical Inconsistency Vulnerability Identification for Safety Checks in Robotic Vehicles ccs 2020
Jiangyi Deng New Issues
April 16 Zizhi Jin Towards Robust LiDAR-based Perception in Autonomous Driving: General Black-box Adversarial Sensor Attack and Countermeasures Usenix 2020
Kai Wang VoltPillager: Hardware-based fault injection attacks against Intel SGX Enclaves using the SVID voltage scaling interface USENIX2021
Zhuoyang Shi New Issues
April 23 Yushi Cheng DeepDyve: Dynamic Verification for Deep Neural Networks CCS 2020
Haijun Gui undervoltage voltage
Fei Teng New Issues
April 30 Haoxiang Zhang When the Differences in Frequency Domain are Compensated: Understanding and Defeating Modulated Replay Attacks on Automatic Speech Recognition ccs2020
Shan Zou New Issues
May 07 Ruochen Zhou EarFisher: DetectingWireless Eavesdroppers by Stimulating and Sensing Memory EMR NSDI 2021
Yizhuo Gao Shadow Attacks: Hiding and Replacing Content in Signed PDFs ndss2021
Xinfeng Li MemoryNetwork New Issues
May 14 Jiachang Wen To Err.Is Human: Characterizing the Threat of Unintended URLs in Social Media
Yijie Bai New Issues
May 28 Qinhong Jiang When LoRa Meets EMR: Electromagnetic Covert Channels Can Be Super Resilient S&P2021
Yuehan Chi Fuzzing Error Handling Code using Context-Sensitive Software Fault Injection USENIX 2020
Jiahui Yang I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Sensing Me!A Framework to Detect, Identify, and Localize Clandestine Wireless Sensors USENIX2021
Zhihao Wu Too Good to Be Safe: Tricking Lane Detection in Autonomous Driving with Crafted Perturbations Usenix2021
Kaibo Wang New Issues
Juchuan Zhang Invisible Probe: Timing Attacks with PCIe Congestion Side-channel oakland 2021
June 04 Yan Jiang Exposing New Vulnerabilities of Error Handling Mechanism in CAN USENIX2021
Wenjun Zhu PatchGuard: A Provably Robust Defense against Adversarial Patches via Small Receptive Fields and Masking USENIX2021
Shibo Zhang New Issues
June 11 Chaohao Li IoTSafe: Enforcing Safety and Security Policy with Real IoT Physical Interaction Discovery NDSS 2021
Bo Yang New Issues
June 18 Ruiwen He SoK: The Faults in our ASRs: An Overview of Attacks against Automatic Speech Recognition and Speaker Identification Systems S&P 2021
Jiangyi Deng Machine Unlearning S&P 2021
Zhuoyang Shi WaveGuard: Understanding and Mitigating Audio Adversarial Examples Usenix 2021
June 25 Kai Wang microrobotic platform actuated by thermocapillary flows for manipulation at the air-water interface Science Robotics 2021
Haijun Gui Automatic Extraction of Secrets from the Transistor Jungle using Laser-Assisted Side-Channel Attacks usenix 2021
July 23 Zizhi Jin Invisible for both Camera and LiDAR: Security of Multi-Sensor Fusion based Perception in Autonomous Driving Under Physical-World Attacks S&P 2021
Fei Teng Swarm Learning for decentralized and confidential clinical machine learning Nature
Haoxiang Zhang New Issues
Shan Zou Weak Links in Authentication Chains: A Large-scale Analysis of Email Sender Spoofing Attacks USENIX Security 2021
Aug 06 Zhixin Xie New Issues
Yijie Bai Clean-Label Backdoor Attacks on Video Recognition Models cvpr2020
Zhiyun Wang Privacy-Preserving and Standard-Compatible AKA Protocol for 5G USENIX 2021