Autumn 2021 Seminars:




Aug 21 Jiahui Yang Simulating Unknown Target Models for Query-Efficient Black-box Attacks CVPR2021
Yizhuo Gao Tales of FAVICONS and Caches: Persistent Tracking in Modern Browsers  NDSS2021
Boyang Zhou New Issues: PCIE
Sep 17 Juchuan Zhang Talk: Vulnerabilities and Attacks of Device Unintended Physical Signals
Wenjun Zhu Dirty Road Can Attack: Security of Deep Learning based Automated Lane Centering under Physical-World Attack USENIX 2021
Zhihao Wu New Issues: Under Display Camera
Sep 24 Meng Xue Glowworm Attack: Optical TEMPEST Sound Recovery via a Device’s Power Indicator LED CCS 2021
Shibo Zhang New Issues: 多目标跟踪和攻击多目标跟踪
Sep 30 Ruochen Zhou Body-coupled power transmission and energy harvesting Nature Electronics
Qinhong Jiang Signal Injection Attacks against CCD Image Sensors arixv
Runmin Ou "Hello, It's Me": Deep Learning-based Speech Synthesis Attacks in the Real World CCS 21
Oct 08 Kaibo Wang Adversarial Robustness under Long-Tailed Distribution CVPR2021
Yuepeng Zhang Wireless Charging Power Side-Channel Attacks CCS 2021
Jiachang Wen New Issues: 小米智能眼镜探索版
Zhiyi Zhou New Issues
Oct 15 Jiangyi Deng Black-box Adversarial Attacks on Commercial Speech Platforms with Minimal Information CCS 21
Yuehan Chi Hardware Support to Improve Fuzzing Performance and Precision CCS2021
Zhouhao Ji New Issues
Oct 22 Xinfeng Li Adversarial Watermarking Transformer: Towards Tracing Text Provenance with Data Hiding S&P 2021
Ruiwen He A Nationwide Study on Cellular Reliability: Measurement, Analysis, and Enhancements SIGCOMM 2021
Junning Zhai New Issues:多方安全计算
Oct 29 Fei Teng When Machine Unlearning Jeopardizes Privacy CCS 2021
Yan Jiang Gesture recognition using a bioinspired learning architecture that integrates visual data with somatosensory data from stretchable sensors Nature Electronics 2020
Zhuoyang Shi Understanding and Detecting International Revenue Share Fraud NDSS 2021
Nov 05 Xiaotian Zhu Unleashing the Tiger: Inference Attacks on Split Learning
Kai Wang Talk: Voltage Glitching Attacks against CPU
Zihao Dan New Issues: Code Integrity Attestation for PLCs using Black Box Neural Network Predictions
Nov 12 Zizhi Jin Multimodal sensing and intuitive steering assistance improve navigation and mobility for people with impaired vision. Science Robotics, 2021
Haoxiang Zhang RoS: Passive Smart Surface for Roadside-to-Vehicle Communication sigcomm2021
Bo Yang New Issues: Natural Adversarial Examples
Nov 19 Haijun Gui A paradigm shift fully self-powered long-distance wireless sensing solution enabled by discharge-induced displacement current science advances
Shan Zou Zoom on the Keystrokes: Exploiting Video Calls for Keystroke Inference Attacks ndss2021
Huaiyu Liu 碳排放计量和监测:Measurement and Monitoring of Carbon Emissions
Nov 26 Yizhuo Gao Sign-to-speech translation using machine-learning-assisted stretchable sensor arrays Nature Electronics 2020
Zhiyun Wang A cerebellar-based solution to the nondeterministic time delay problem in robotic control science robotics
Zhixin Xie New Issues: Inaudible attack
Dec 03 Juchuan Zhang Radio ranging with ultrahigh resolution using a harmonic radio-frequency identification system Nature Electronics
Wenjun Zhu LIMU-BERT: Unleashing the Potential of Unlabeled Data for IMU Sensing Applications Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems. 2021.
Yijie Bai New Issues: interpretable machine learning for blackbox
Dec 10 Jiahui Yang Adversarial Examples Are Not Bugs, They Are Features NeurIPS2019
Zhihao Wu Concept whitening for interpretable image recognition nature machine intelligence
Boyang Zhou New Issues: 医学成像技术简介(DR,CT,MRI)
Dec 17 Runmin Ou When makes you unique - Temporality of the human brain fingerprint Science advance 21
Shibo Zhang BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding NAACL2019
Shengyuan Pang Accumulative Poisoning Attacks on Real-time Data
Dec 24 Ruochen Zhou Talk: Device Detection Technology
Meng Xue Your Microphone Array Retains Your Identity: A Robust Voice Liveness Detection System for Smart Speakers usenix 2022
Jiachang Wen New Issues:智能穿戴设备
Dec 31 Zhiyi Zhou PatchGuard: A Provably Robust Defense against Adversarial Patches via Small Receptive Fields and Masking usenix 2021
Qinhong Jiang Talk: Sound Recovery Attack
Namin Hou New Issues:摩尔纹的原理与应用简介
Jan 07 Jiangyi Deng Enabling Fast and Universal Audio Adversarial Attack Using Generative Model AAAI 2021
Kaibo Wang Adversarial Neuron Pruning Purifies Backdoored Deep Models NeurIPS 2021
Shilin Xiao New Issues:USB设备识别及安全问题
Jan 14 Ruiwen He Speech synthesis from neural decoding of spoken sentences Nature
Xinfeng Li Inharmonic speech reveals the role of harmonicity in the cocktail party problem Nature Communication
Zhouhao Ji New Issues: Horus Scenario
Jan 21 Fei Teng 联邦学习场景下的数据投毒攻击与防御
Yan Jiang A wireless radiofrequency-powered insect-scale flapping-wing aerial vehicle Nature electronics 2021

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